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Orbs, Cycles, Seeds - Exhibition in Nyack, NY

Hello Friends, Well it has been a while since I wrote something here and it has been a wild start to 2022. Cycles of life, cycles of growth, pain, joy, seed planting and orbs spiraling outwards and inwards of life's hopes, dreams, through struggle and with resilience.

Join me for this solo exhibition "Orbs, Cycles, Seeds" on view at the Corner Frame Shop, through the month of June 2022. I am thrilled to bring some new pieces to the world.

The exhibition “Orbs, Cycles, Seeds” is a peek inside the artist’s mind with deep thoughts and emotional vibrations of universal connection. These colorful abstract works have pieces of figures, faces and forms emulating the universe, cellular structures, veins and nature.

The exhibition includes a new series of medium size and small oil paintings, and works on paper including two pieces from the Silver Lining series and two pieces from the original Color Web series about humans uniting, and some of the emotional portrait series on Yupo.

The values range from unframed works on paper around $100 to 3 foot oil paintings available for under $3,000. Come see some new work and take a piece of the CharVoz Studio thought processes back to your budding collection.

Opening Reception: Friday June 3, 6-8PM

“Orbs, Cycles and Seeds” will be on view through the month of June 2022. First view starts on June 1st.

Enjoy Art. I am beyond grateful for the ultimate connection that art can bring to our lives. Blessings.


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