Teaching Philosophy


Teaching students art is teaching students how to live with multi-dimensional thinking. Art can not be contained to one singular experience or object but is a culmination of thinking that is both self-reflective and connected to the greater world at large.

Teaching a student to draw, paint or create is a lesson in how the student, the emerging artist, relates to visual concepts and greater society. It is a dive inward and an outward expression, simultaneously. These two energies learn to work together through the process of creation.

Relating art making to the history of art and the realm of contemporary art is a delicate balance examining the relationships of self-development and connections throughout the experiences of humanity. Art making is a part of being human and everyone is capable in some way of creating for the purposes of self-expression. The art made throughout history is evidence of the thought progressions and developments of society.

Teaching art is about teaching non-linear thinking because the relationships between art and being a global citizen are boundless. There is a world of possibilities and pathways as young people enter into adulthood and having the knowledge of art heightens experience to lead a more fulfilling positive life. Art is the communication of feelings and ideas about situations: personal, political, sexual, or evolutionary . The history of art, and the uses of art in every day life, has shown us how images have the power to shape our society. Is art imitating life or is life imitating art? It is a symbiotic relationship.

My philosophy of teaching art concepts is that everyone is capable of creating. The purpose of art’s messaging can be directed to endless potential outcomes. By learning about the histories of cultures lives are enriched. Art has the power to communicate beyond language into the sensory experiences of existence.


Recent Teaching 


One Night Painting Workshop - Pelham Art Center - Feb 2021

Story Telling with Art - Youth Class - Pelham Art Center - Winter 2021

Acrylic Painting - Youth Class - Pelham Art Center - Spring 2021

Artistic Journaling - Adult Class - Spring 2021

Experimental Drawing - Adult Class - Spring 2021

Abstract Painting - Adult Class - Fall 2021

Gust Lecture - PAFA Graduate Students - Fall 2021