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I am an artist and curator who is fascinated by humans interactions with the world around them.  I pride myself on bringing people together and creating opportunities for artists, curators, and art lovers to come together create, observe, and enhance each-others lives.  
My Art is what is created at the CharVoz Studio I am currently working on several separate bodies of work that are ongoing and feeding off of each other.  I am constantly finding a balance between the abstract and figurative, and going from one extreme of pure abstraction to the other of straight forward portrait thought painting, drawing, and mixed media practices.  
My abstract Paintings and some works on paper are inspired by walking through the subconscious on a cloud which evokes shifting humanoid and animal forms.   These forms are transformations of energy that are greatly inspired by a person’s shifting identity, changed perspective, or reactions to interaction. 
The Textures series began with observing and photographing forgotten spaces in the world around us, whether it is peeling paint, wood grain patterns, streaks on sidewalks or subway platforms, found fabric pieces, empty dining plates, and pieces of human and household items.  These photographs are printed on fine art paper, and the mystical forms, faces, spirals and monuments and resurrected through drawing and painting evoking the painterly forms of everyday visions.  
The Map Drawings are inspired by the found drawings of Maps, particularly the MTA Subway maps guiding NYC visitors and inhabitants, these drawings pull out humanoid forms living within the layouts of geography.  Soon this series will be expanding using more maps from other parts of the world.
Couch Surfing is an ongoing drawing project documenting people in my life since 2008.  These works capture people in their home environments and document their connection to the artist.  Each one of these drawing is made during or quickly after an intimate visit with a close friend where life dreams, expectations and goals are discussed.  These drawing are being made into a book in the near future.

Works on Paper

Couch Surfing Drawings

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