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Welcome to CharMouqVoz Studio !

Three years ago I had a blog, Art and Adventures, where I documented interesting studio visits with artists, visits with curators, and insights into art projects that are connecting artists with other artists, curators, art advisors, dealers, art lovers, and anyone interested in my art adventures.

Today I start again, with CharMouqVoz Studio, to bring you news about exhibitions I am curating, artists I am working with, exhibitions of my own art, and any art related experiences that I have time to share with you. I surround myself with art, I live it, breathe it, and am constantly meeting new and amazing people.

This picture of me was taken in the Rush Arts Gallery booth last March at Fountain Art Fair. I am in front of a painting made by John Lee and in a fabulous dress made by the Camaroonian designer brand Nyanga Creations.

I work at Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea, and Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn, part of Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation ( I often curate exhibitions at either space and I encourage you to visit Rush Arts Gallery 526 W 26th St Suite 311, New York, NY and Corridor Gallery 334 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

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