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Currency painting Exhibition with Sylvia Maier at Corridor Gallery

Currency A solo exhibition of paintings by Sylvia Maier in the Corridor Gallery Project Space

I first met the artist Sylvia Maier when she had a monumental realist painting on view at Rush Arts Gallery in Chelsea. The 2012 exhibition was the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series NY Finalists. When I met Sylvia I encouraged her to submit a formal artist submission to Rush Arts Gallery and was pleasantly surprised when she did. It is an honor to have her as our first solo exhibition at the Corridor Gallery Project Space in the 2013 season.

Currency is the title of her current series of work, which commemorates everyday people by elevating them to the status of being the face of money. We all carry our own social currency and Sylvia Maier has blessed people of all backgrounds, skin tones and economic statuses by including the models in her Currency Series.

We all have our rates of currency. We are worthy of our own social environments, whether we are striving for a dream or have achieved it. Social interaction is a key means of staying current and Sylvia Maier's paintings of contemporary realism unite and justify a model's existence.

"Currency” consists of a series of paintings, 11x14". Each painting is a portrait with a coin drawn around it with the words of our familiar 1, 5, 10, and 25 cent coins. All paintings are in gold floater frames to make it appear that each face, each individual, is commemorated on a US coin.

The faces are of different nationalities, ethnicities, ages and histories attached to our country. It’s a reminder that we are all worthy of commemoration for our own innate uniqueness.

I was honored when she asked me to become a part of the series. The same way I am honored to have the opportunity to share her work with the community and art enthusiasts at Corridor Gallery. Visit her solo exhibition at 335 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY through Jan. 12th. The Gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays. If you miss the opening join us for the closing reception Jan 12th 4-6pm.

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