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CharVoz Studio - Let's Catch Up!

Hello Friends!

It has been a wild ride the last few years. I would love to catch you up with so many things I have happening.

1) I moved out of Brooklyn to Rockland County, NY. A homecoming really, and I am back after a decade plus of being elsewhere, it is nice to be back! I am still adjusting but the great news is I finally have some proper space to create. I have circled back to where I grew up, and still connected to my NYC circles, which have only expanded over the years. There are many many circles, which might be part of the obsession with them in my work as I navigate this life pathway I am on.

2) I am now the Executive Director of the Pelham Art Center (Since Feb. 2018) and it has been almost four years! Wow, time flies when you are having fun. This is a true gem in Southern Westchester in Pelham, NY, a multi-purpose non-profit Art Center with gallery exhibitions, public art projects, educational programs, community programs, and so so much more. See what's happening there on the website -

3) My daughter is 5 and in Kindergarten! Wow, that went fast. I am so thrilled we are where we are for this part of her life with incredible schools, and parks, and vibrant communities. All Great! We make a lot of art together, when the pandemic hit and we were all at home, I made sure to have at least 1 art project a day, and made some videos to give people at home some creative projects in the dregs of 2020. I will be adding some of those to my youtube channel for you to enjoy in the near future.

4) I am taking my creative studio practice more seriously than ever before. THIS IS THE BEST. Finally, after 20+ years of studying and practicing art, I am sticking to it, and I keep creating. I have had some recent successes (which I cherish deeply) including creating, exhibiting my art in physical and virtual settings, and selling my work so that it is now living in peoples homes and collections. You can see available originals in my shop - I also just started creating home items like water bottles, serving trays, even a shower curtain and affordable prints in collaboration with Society6. View all the amazing CharVoz Studio items available here - In general, I am creating more than ever before as I settle into my new home and studio, taking care of myself and taking my own art career more seriously. I look forward to connecting and sharing my experiences with you along the way.

5) I have also added some fantastic pieces to my personal art collection in the past few years, and I want to share some of those highlights with you along the way. Living with art is truly rewarding in every sense, and I will tell you more in depth soon.

Check out these videos of me speaking a bit about my life and art. Enjoy!


CharVoz Studio - Intro and Overview on YouTube -


CharVoz Studio - Charlotte Tells you a lot about her Art -


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