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CharVoz - Art Products, Prints, Home Goods, Oh My!

Well, it has been exactly one month and 5 days since joining Society6 to create lines of home items, water bottles, journals, coasters, serving trays, throw pillows, face masks, prints and all sorts of things, (yes even a shower curtain!) and I am thrilled to say, there are now 50+ CharVoz artsy home products living with people in their homes!

I even got myself some things, including a fabulous laptop sleeve, slick side tables for my living room, arty water bottles, ab fab travel coffee mugs, and some delightful coasters. Here is a link to the video of me talking about it a bit:

How do I really feel about slapping my art on some home products so people can live with it in the everyday and enjoy it on functional house hold items? FABULOUS. Honestly, I think it is great. Do I make a ton of money with it right now? Not really enough to pay the mortgage or the bills, but all things are possible in the future.

Does it inspire me to want to create more, and take even better photos of my work, and to better myself as I fancy myself a product designer? YES.

Does it also make me want to pick up a camera and start producing abstract nature photography, something I have probably been dreaming a bit about since 1998? YES. Am I going to start learning how to do it and putting it out there? YES.

So in general, I think it is a great platform for artists and creatives. I am thrilled to have a way for people to buy affordable art prints, (that can come framed!) as well. It truly is satisfying seeing my art in this way. I also need to be completely honest, I am totally still learning, obviously. Are they hand singed limited edition prints? No, but hey my signed original works start at a very reasonable price point. I always try to have a few originals on my site for under $100. Should collectors be nervous about this new technology and what I am doing? Not really. I think it's flattering to have prints and products available and collected that echo or represent the original. Is it the same as collecting a unique one of a kind original? No, but my original oils on canvas are typically between $2,000 - $4,000 right now, and I understand that's a more serious investment. Creating works on paper has enabled me to create some more affordable works with the serious original works on paper ranging from $155-$700 unframed. Still, I understand, that could be grocery money or a nice night out. But being able to own an original unique work of art? Priceless.

The advantage of the unlimited print editions on Society 6? You can choose the size and framing options, canvas or paper print, and find something for your exact art wall space that fits your budget and wall space. The print quality as far as I know right now, is great, and hello then you have a piece of my art, philosophy and love for life right there with you all the time. It is pretty spectacular really.

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