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CharVoz - 2022 - What's on the Horizon

Welcome 2022! I am ready for you like never before. Bring it on.

Here are some cool art things I know I have lined up to get things started!

Exhibition opens Saturday, January 8th from 2-4pm and will be on view through January 29, 2022. I have 4 pieces in this exhibition all new works from 2021 including 2 oil on canvas and 2 works on paper from the Emotional Portrait Series. This will be a wonderful celebration of the artists who teach at the Pelham Art Center. I am the Executive Director of the Pelham Art Center, and I also taught 2 youth classes and 3 adult classes in 2021. Teaching people about art is completely rewarding, and I encourage everyone to pick up a pencil or a paint brush at some point to learn about the healing process of making art.

2) Members Exhibition at Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY

I am thrilled to participate in this members exhibition and I will be exhibiting 2 works on paper from the Emotional Portrait series from 2021. The exhibition opens January 18th and will be on view through February 9th 2022. This exhibition is open to students and members of Rockland Center for the Arts and being an avid supporter of non-profit arts and an active artist, I am really thankful for the opportunity to participate.

3) Rockland Virtual Arts Festival - Virtual and in person January 22 - February 7th 2022

This multi media celebration of art in Rockland County has tons of virtual programs and culminates with an in person celebration at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY.

I am participating as a guest speaker on a panel about curatorial practises on Wednesday January 26th at 6:30 and with the Nyack Art Collective on Sunday, January 30th at 7pm. While this form of Arts Festival is still relatively new since the Covid crisis. I think this will be a very exciting way to bring people and artists together in virtual space to celebrate and discuss art practices.

More Cool Things:

May Exhibition at Bunbury Coffee Shop in Piermont, NY

June Exhibition at the Corner Frame Shopin Nyack, NY

September (estimated) exhibiting at Glitter Thicket in Nyack, NY.

Also Coming Soon -

Cover Lover Remix at Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, NY.

I am thrilled this curatorial project is coming to Rockland County! More information will be coming soon and for now you can visit the websites for Cover Lover Remix and Garner Arts Center


Yes, I am excited, and nervous, confident and intimidated all at the same time. What can I say I appreciate the fluctuation of emotions. Remember the Emotional Portrait Blog, and the Difficult things aka Silver Linings blog? Yeah, I know, you never really know what's coming, but for now let's feel the positive energy flow and go into 2022 with confidence and grace.

I think my 2022 work will be ------ SHINE.

Sneak Peak - SHINE - will also be the theme and title for the Spring Gala for the Pelham Art Center on Saturday, May 21st 2022. So many incredible things are happening and I look forward to sharing all of it with you!


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