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TARGET MARKETS - At Sensei Gallery


February 21st – March 4th, 2018

Gallery Sensei, 135 Eldridge St, New York, NY

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, February 21st 6-9 PM

ARTIST TALK: Saturday, March 3rd 5-7 PM

CLOSING PARTY: Saturday, March 3rd 7-10 PM

Artists Include: Cey Adams, Belchez, Jimmy Jenkins Jr. (JIMTWICE Studios), and Janette Beckman in collaboration with Cey Adams, Mrs, Ces, Chino, Todd James, Muck, and Morning Breath.

Curated by: Charlotte Mouquin

Target Markets is a group exhibition at Sensei Gallery (135 Eldridge St, New York, NY) curated by Charlotte Mouquin that brings together established and emerging artists showing painting, photography, printmaking, artist collaborations, and sculptural combines. Exhibiting artists include Cey Adams, Belchez, Jimmy Jenkins Jr. (JIMTWICE Studios), and Janette Beckman in collaboration with Cey Adams, Mrs, Ces, Chino, and Todd James. This exhibition is on view February 21st – March 4th and is open everyday from 12 to 6 PM.

Target Markets explores the two words of the exhibition’s title, their use and combination. How are things targeted and marketed? What is brand loyalty and how does it play into our positions as consumers? How have huge corporations, entertainers, and marketing played into our psyche and everyday experiences? This exhibition explores our way of thinking about consumerism, social norms, entertainment, and stardom.

Cey Adams, a New York native, emerged from the downtown graffiti movement and built an outstanding career in graphic design and as the Creative Director for Def Jam. His recent transition into the fine art realm has led him to exhibit nationally with multiple artists in residence programs. His recent collage work titled Trusted Brands examines corporate logos and nostalgia. It draws themes and inspiration from pop art, sign painting, comic books, pop culture, race, gender, cultural and community issues. On view are several of his recent print pieces with Gary Lichtenstein Editions and a one-of-a-kind collage.

Belchez, is a multi-media artist raised in Harlem, NYC. After a college football career, and brief stint in the NFL Belchez went into graphic design and fashion merchandising. Beginning with hand painted T-shirts and custom hand sewn leather cut patches of popular culture icons, Belchez has gone on to create fashion design collaborations and partnerships with Phenomenon, Kid Robot, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Nike, Timberland and more. Drawing inspiration from life experiences, Harlem, family, rap, struggle, football, religion, and visual associations has lead Belchez to his materials including canvas, spray paint, collage, leather, hand cut stencils, objects found in abandoned Harlem buildings, and high-end brands. Belchez evaluates contemporary culture with slick critiques. Included in Target Markets are his recent target wall pieces, True Story created from the Bible, Torah, and Koran, and paintings from the Quarter Water series.

Jimmy Jenkins Jr., originally from North Carolina, has been a working artist in NYC since 2002. His disciplines include painting, drawing, graffiti, fashion, sculpture, filmmaking and music. He is also a beloved lecturer at Medgar Evans College. Since 2016 Jimmy has been the principal at JIMTWICE STUDIOS. His art and design focuses on pop culture, logos, fashion, film, music, toys, bold graphics and furniture with thought provoking twists. He was recently nationally recognized for his Lego sculpture of Louis Vuitton luggage. Target Markets includes some of his wall pieces with twists on classic logos such as Lego, Disney, and Coca-Cola.

Janette Beckman, originally from London and an avid photographer of punk rock, has been documenting the hip hop scene since moving to New York in 1982. Her photographs of pioneers such as Run-DMC, Slick Rick, Salt-N-Pepa, Grandmaster Flash, and Big Daddy Kane are in permanent museum collections. Beckman’s recent series, The Mash-Up, combines her iconic portraits if influential DJs and MCs with many of New York’s top graffiti artists. Target Markets includes Beckman’s collaborations with Cey Adams, Mrs, Ces, Chino, Todd James, Muck, and Morning Breath.

The opening Reception is Wednesday, February 21st 6-9 PM. There will be an artist talk Saturday March 3rd at 5 PM followed by a closing party with a DJ set by Dick at Nite. Sensei Gallery is an art space and gallery located at 135 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002.

For exhibition inquiries please contact:

Joseph Latimore at Gallery Sensei



Charlotte Mouquin

(845) 480-1258


Cey Adams - @ceyadams

Belchez - @Belcheznyc

Jimmy Jenkins Jr. - @jimtwice

Janette Beckman - @janettephoto

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