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Intertwined presented by ChaShaMa

Intertwined is a group exhibition of twelve female artists working in sculpture and installation happening in the 7,000 sq foot space operated by Chashama as an alternative art venue in downtown Brooklyn. Curated by Christina Massey and Charlotte Mouquin, this exhibition brings together artists that represent the interwoven tapestries of art and life.

Each artist utilizes unique materials in individual ways igniting a sense of discovery and intrigue as one realizes the process, materials and individual methods of each individual artist and finding the connective thread from one piece to the other.

Steel kinetic figures by Alexandra Limpert and the adorned ball gowns and headdresses of Victoria-Idongesit Udondian greet the visitors. Floating installations of zip ties by Sui Park suspend as thought bubbles or clouds sweeping by. A new work of found materials and fabric by Sara Jimenez drapes the space. The works by Adebunmi Gbadebo are made of hair as a large work suspends slightly above the ground and organic forms adorn the wall.

A huge kinetic sea of black by Charlotte Becket sways and ripples within the space complimenting the large-scale paper works of Kate Rusek. White abstract forms by Julia von Eichel show the abstraction of form, object and material. Net like traps and rope forms suspend in space by Tomo Mori. The installation of Armita Raafat explores the architecture of space and the dialogue of wall and floor. Lina Puerta brings us back to nature with the biological form packed and ready for travel. The interactive cuddle monster of Luiza Kurzyna reminds us all of the love and comfort that connects us as human.

Intertwined is a multi-sensory exhibition. There is no standard geometry but everything resonates with its organic forms, connecting the floor wall and free-floating space, the life force of art is intertwined within the everyday experience in downtown Brooklyn.

The opening Reception will be Thursday December 14th 6-8pm and there will be a closing reception Friday January 5th 6-8pm.

For inquiries please contact: or

Gallery Hours:

Monday 12-8pm

Thursday 1-7pm

Friday 12-8pm

Saturday 12-4pm

Sunday 12-4pm

Closed Dec 23rd - Dec 26th for the Holidays

Closed Jan 1st for New Year's Day

About Chashama:

Chashama supports the process of artists by giving them space to create and present. Since 1995, Chashama has revitalized over 80 properties, providing invaluable space to create for more than 12,000 artists. Chashama empowers artists at any stage of their career with services that offer continuous opportunities to create, develop and present. Its two primary programs, Space to Present and Space to Create, are its main vehicles for realizing this mission. Space to Present provides visual and performing artists with free, highly visible venues in which to publicly present their work. Space to Create provides artists with low-cost work space in a supportive and professional environment. Chashama also aspires to bring the benefits of art and creativity to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds with over 130 free, public events and access to cultural programming throughout New York City.

To learn more, visit Social Media: Twitter: @chashama Facebook: Instagram: @chashama Hashtags: #chashama, #spacetocreate, #spacetopresent General Contact:, (212) 391-8151

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