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Hands On Love - Vibrations II - ReCap

Hands On Love and Vibrations II - What a Weekend!

Vibrations II took place Saturday September 23rd at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn! Hands on Love, a three day pop up exhibition curated by myself, Charlotte Mouquin and artist, designer, and cultural producer, Richie Richardson brought together 18 artists from seven different countries. Artists included: Ekaterina Abramova, Cecilie Beck, Cristina Biaggi, Kate Fauvell, Giovanni Gelardi, Erik Hougen, Julianne Jones, Kim Kalesti, Chanel Kennebrew, Camille Laoang, Eva Mueller & Lisa Levy, Katrina Majkut, Rick Midler, Michael Mut, Arthur Really, Kerri Small, and Karlie Tankersley.

Artists responded to an open call put forward by The Love Yourself Project. Curating from the submissions with Richie Richardson was a beautiful experience. Richie Richardson, originally from Trinidad, has such a beautiful spirit. Hearing Richie speak about art, love, humanity, and the global spiritual connections within art is truly inspiring.

The exhibition production came together quickly and the artists were tremendous to give their time, energy, and art to build the exhibition. The title Hands on Love was inspired by the work in the show, and the concept of the Love Yourself Project. The title took immense inspiration from Erik Hougen’s screen print and inkjet on paper Suspend, where two hands hold an abstracted futuristic volcanic rock matter suspended over a serene mountain landscape.

To truly Love Yourself is not an easy task. It is a complex layered process. To give yourself permission to Love who you are is a bold thug to do despite how basic it could sound. The Love Yourself Project was created to counteract the negative messages that individuals can be bombarded with throughout life. From cultural stereotypes, media influences, and even family structures there are hundreds of things out there that can make people, feel like they are not good enough and worthy of love. The Love Yourself Project counteracts all of these negative thoughts. Love starts with the self. If you truly learn to love who you are you are then able to love others. It is my personal belief, that the more love and respect you have for yourself the more love and respect you have for others. It is through that that global understanding and resolutions are made to create peace.

The Love Yourself Project connects to a global energy. The Love Yourself Project a 501c3 is dedicated to getting the message of healing through self-love out there in the world. The Love Yourself Projects wants to inspire people to create conversations about what it means to love Yourself. The Love Yourself Project welcome collaborations from throughout the globe, and has popped up in Miami, Canada, California, Cape Verde, Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and many more!

The opening of Hands on Love at The Living Gallery was alive and Love filled. We welcomed over 100 visitors to the space for the opening reception. During the Bushwick Open studios on Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th we had about 50 visitors each day. We welcomed about 300 people over the course of 3 days!

Saturday evening was the main event fundraiser Vibrations II. The VIP hour had the jazz guitar sounds of Sam Favata. People came in bought raffle tickets and perished the silent auction. There were original artworks by Luiza Cardenuto, Michael Mut, LYP Collaborations, gift items and jeweler available.

Tequila was donated by Tanteo, wine, beer and tom Collins available. At 8pm DJ Dick at Nite took to spinning to get the funky love filled groove happening. Nyssa Frank, was the first live performer to take to the mic with her looped poetry performance art. Anya Richardson shared her incredible voice with two songs. Jean Marc Richardson spit live in the air with his fierce beat-boxing and enlightened rhymes. Mario Galeano was the last performer with a full on character performance art piece. Mario was in a full costume entering with a white fur hood, his dance and acrobatics are hypnotic, unveiling underneath an elaborate costume with a huge smile that spread the length of his arm span. We are especially grateful to Mario, this was his sixth time performing at a Love Yourself Event and each performance has been an intense and heartfelt piece that opens new worlds of thought.

Sunday, September 24th a there was a casual artist talk and some incredible Jamaican/African food made by Bintou Ndaw of Nafi's Originals in the Living Gallery Courtyard. During the artist discussion, when there were about 15 people in the room, I realized we had a collection of artists who were born in 10 different countries. This was such a beautiful way to share thoughts on art, love, and humanity, with people from so many different places, cultures and backgrounds. I am realizing this is an incredibly important aspect of art, through visual art global connections are realized. After the discussion the party opened up to celebrate the final hours of Hands on Love with wonderful people, food, drinks and community.

Thank you everyone who came out to The Living Gallery September 22nd – 24th. This was a truly spectacular event filled weekend! A special thank you to: Rich Burroughs (aka Dick at Nite,) Richie Richardson, Elizabeth McBride, Ashley Barad, Luiza Cardenuto, and Michael Mut.

With Great Love All Things Are Possible.

For more information about the Love Yourself Project or to make a donation please visit –

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