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CharVoz - Ventures into Ceramics

CharVoz: Studio and Projects - will be launching a new line of ceramics this coming month!

It has always been a dream of mine to work in ceramics. In 2006 I was able to take an intensive two week program focusing on ceramics at Bennington College in Vermont. It was an incredible experience. I love working with clay. This experience was also the first time I was exposed to glaze pencils, and that I could create drawings on ceramics. This was mind blowing at the time and I have been thinking of when I could do it again ever since.

Well, the time is now. Since I am working out of an apartment home studio, I am starting with ready made bisqueware and applying my drawing and painting techniques. Also in 2006 or so I allowed myself to get really fascinated with human faces, I see them in everything and the human face is what I am using in the designs. When I am drawing these, I think about our human inter-connectivity. That we are all global citizens living in this world together.

Here are the first 6 salad plates, before going in for the final glaze and firing. I am planning to do more, and I have 4, 14 inch wide round platters to work on next. This is an exciting new venture and I look forward to sharing more images next week to see how they come out!


Here they are Round 1, plates 001-006, 2017.

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