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En Route at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn

En Route Curated by Johnny Mattei & Sean Vecchione

Featuring Artwork by Charlotte Mouquin Voznesenskaya, Kristen Klosinski, Lauren Chester, Matt Deterior, SkinWalker, Sean Vecchione.

It is my great pleasure to be included in this exhibition. The concept of being En Route and traveling is constant and touches everyone. Drawings from the Couch Surfing Series have been included in this exhibitiion, which capture everyday people in their environments all on the verge of change. While the subjects might be still, in the path of life we are all "En Route"

Below please read an excerpt from the curatorial statement.

En Route hopes to capture the essence of a journey and what may be encountered along the way. These six artists are asking the viewer to take something away that is both rooted in reality and formed in their own mind. When you see the images, it is our hope that the audience can take a moment to consider their own journeys; when you traveled to a new place, what it feels like to be far from family, the times where you felt so lost, the elation that is felt when you find home, and the moments where you wonder what would have happened if you had chosen another path.

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