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Drawn Truly at Corridor Gallery Jan. 26th - March 15th 2014

It is my great pleasure to be bringing this portrait exhibition to Corridor Gallery. Drawn Trully came together over time and solidified when I re-saw the work of Al Burts in Miami at Select Art Fair exhibiting with International Visions Gallery. I also met the artist Vernando Reuben while exhibiting the work of ruby onyinychi amanze with Rush Arts Gallery in Miami and Select Art Fair. While reviewing the Rush Arts Gallery artist submissions I was taken with the work of Alphonso Dunn. Alphonso comes from a chemestry background but recently aquired his MFA from the New York Academy, he is an incredible art educator and artist. I hope to work with all of these artists again soon. In the meantime join us at Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn to check out this group exhibition, Drawn Truly.


Corridor Gallery

334 Grand Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238


Drawn Truly

Curated by Charlotte Mouquin

January 26th – March 15th 2014

Corridor Gallery Project Space is pleased to present Drawn Truly, an exhibition curated by Charlotte Mouquin, that includes ruby onyinyechi amanze, Al Burts, Alphonso Dunn, and Vernando Reuben. January 26th-March 15th 2014. Located at 334 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Drawn Truly brings together identities and tender artists’ thoughts through figurative rendering, abstraction and the imagined reflecting contemporary cultures.

ruby onyinyechi amanze, a Brooklyn based artist of Nigerian birth and British upbringing, is influenced by her own cultural hybridity. Her portrait of Ada, an afro-futurist alter ego born in the galaxy of black-eyed peas, has her partially seated above her birthplace with ghostly eyes. The portrait shows a statuesque figure with fully rendered forms and areas of openness using the whiteness of the page. Amanze was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Nigeria 2012-2013.

Two time Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series finalist in Washington, DC Al Burts, explores identity through portraiture by combining realism and symbolism. His portraits on unprimed canvas and raw wood panels depict strong figures with intimate tribal tattoos covering their skin. The detail and softness in the mark making is done using a ballpoint pen.

Through drawing, Alphonso Dunn, Jamaican born with a recent MFA from the New York Academy, reflects the inner workings of people and their interactions. Paraphernalia of Perception examines the contrasts between abstraction and representation, reflecting adult themes with childlike drawing punctuating the compositions. These drawings become letters asking questions about the society we have created.

The layered mixed media drawings of Vernando Reuben examine the multiple facets of identity through the creation and destruction of mask like-forms, collage, and mark making. His portraits are metaphors for post-millennium cultural integration that combine spiritual and altruistic sensibilities.

Each of these drawings are Drawn Truly and speaking a societal truth about the artist and community. Though intimate rendering and explicit mark making each artist is bringing a new perspective to drawing, combining the personal with the world at large.

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