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Opening Reception: Sunday, October 15th 4-7pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, November 4th 6-8pm

A Private Art Salon in Bed-Stuy

Artists Include: Ai Campbell, Christina Massey, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, and Kennedy Yanko

Curated by Charlotte Mouquin

A CharVoz Projects and Bent collaboration

Movement fills our lives. We quickly take in visuals as we pass through our daily routines. The artists presented in -morphic work within forms of abstraction which appear to move and avoid traditional geometry in favor of fluid biomorphic forms. These morphing abstractions explore materials and our relationship with art in an everyday context. Artists include Ai Campbell, Christina Massey, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, and Kennedy Yanko.

A new piece from painter-sculptor Kennedy Yanko combines her skin painting technique with stone and steel bases. The once liquid paint skin is dropped over remnants of art and industry like abandoned steel and smooth marble. Yanko embraces these materials for their simultaneous qualities of strength and natural erosion—deterioration, questioning the ephemeral nature of material pursuits and their organic dualities. The piece is alive and dripping with movement and the play between hard and soft, male and female, industrial and the artist hand.

Physically powerful yet seductively delicate, and timelessly black, the works of Gabriel J. Shuldiner demand a visceral reaction. Like a living black mirror, the artist’s trademarked post-apocalyptic black bubbles off the wall and into the viewer’s space. A native New Yorker, Shuldiner’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and he has also ventured into interior design and wearable art.

The ethereal drawing and paintings of Ai Campbell explore life, death, and everything in between. Ink washes with intricate line work create detailed maps of the human subconscious. Having mostly worked in solely black and white, Campbell adds veils of color to the wash technique of her new work. Swirling structures morph into pathways, the cosmos, or cellular structures. Ai Campbell was born in Osaka, Japan and trained at the Kyoto College of Art and Design. Her studio is currently in Gowanus and she will be participating in the Gowanus Open Studio tour.

Woven aluminum pieces by Christina Massey form a sharp contrast with the Victorian moldings above a fireplace in the home. Her works incorporating woven metal, acrylic, enamel, and paper, bring the room to life as small pieces take on zoomorphic personalities as they climb the walls. Her new works include mixed media prints, created as a participant at the efa Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop SIP Fellowship in 2017.

-morphic is a collaboration between Bent and CharVoz Projects, presenting cutting-edge contemporary artworks in a traditional Victorian apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The opening reception will be on Sunday Oct. 15th from 4-7pm. The exhibition will be open by appointment and there will be a closing reception Saturday, November 4th from 6-8pm. For more information please contact

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​CharVoz: Studio and Projects is the art studio, curatorial, and education practice of Charlotte Mouquin (Voznesenskaya) her various projects focus on community building events with in the arts and bringing art to new audiences.



1. Different from the normal (gallery)

2. Determined (to show new artists); inclined (to party)

3. Leaning toward (the RADICAL)

BENT was founded in 2010 to connect new artists to new audiences.


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